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Foundational Guitar Positions

page 1

Ten Little Indians page 33 34, 35
The Correct Standing Position page 1 This Old Man page 36
The Correct Sitting Position page 2 Jingle Bells page 37
Guitar Terminology page 3 I've Been Working on the Railroad page 38
Holding Your Guitar page 4 Do Your Ears Hang Low page 40
Hand Placement page 5 Baa Baa Black Sheep page 41
Open Strings of the Guitar page 6 The Animal Fair page 43 44, 45
Tuning Your Guitar page 7 Arkansas Traveler page 46 47 48
Preparing to Play Your Guitar page 8 Auld Lang Syne (Key of E) page 49 50
Note Shapes/Rest Shapes page 8 Auld Lang Syne (Key of A) Page 51 52
Key of 'C' The natural place to start page 9 Auld Lang Syne (Key of D) page 53 54
Brush Stroke (Right Hand) page 10 Auld Lang Syne (Key of G) page 55 56, 57
Key of 'G'- A sharp key to go to! page 20 Auld Lang Syne (Key of C) page 58
Bass/Strum Technique page 21 Silent Night page 59 60
Review of Chordds and their Roots page 22 We Wish You A Merry Christmas page 61 62
'Secrets' about Basic Music Rules page 32 Away In A Manger page 62
Key of 'D'- A sharp key 'two'! page 39 Bingo page 63
Key of 'A' - The 'third' sharp key! page 42 The Blue-Tail Fly page 64
Key of 'E' The 'fourth' sharp key! page 42 Did You Ever See A Lassie? page 65
Review: Chords and Chord Groups page 68 Down By The Station page 66
Standard Fingerboard Chart page 78 O Beautiful For Spacious Skies page 67
     Primary chords key of 'Am' page 78 The Farmer in the Dell page 69
     Primary chords key of 'Em' page 78 The First Noel page 70
Note/Fingerboard Conversion Chart page 79 The Fox page 71
Secrets to Playing Bar Chords page 85 Frere Jacques (Major) page 72
Basic Note/Rest Values and Counts page 94 Frere Jacques (Minor) page 73
Blank Manuscript 95-100 Happy Birthday & Not Quite Happy Birthday page 74
SONG LIST   Go Tell Aunt Rhody page 75
Hot Cross Buns page 10 It's Raining, It's Pouring page 76
Itsy Bitsy Spider page 11,12 Go Down, Moses page 77
The Alphabet Song page 13 Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho page 80
Yankee Doodle page 14 The Little White Duck page 81
Bats in the Belfry page 15 Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem page 82
The Witches Go Flying Along page 16, 17 On Top of Spaghetti page 83
Three Blind Mice page 18 She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain page 84
A Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track page 19 Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone page 87
Beautiful Brown Eyes page 22,23 There Was An Old Lady page 88
Worried Man Blues page 24, 25 Buffalo Gal page 89
The Streets of Laredo page 26 The Marines' Hymn page 90
Mama Don't 'Low No Gui-tar Playin' page 27 The Sidewalks of New York page 91 92
Home on the Range page 28, 29 My Country Tis' of Thee page 93
Oh, Susannah page 30, 31    

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